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5 Ways to Make a Budget Hotel Feel More Luxurious

If you are a frequent traveller who spends most of the time, particularly on city breaks, in a budget hotel or an airport hotel – learn to make your budget hotel feel as luxurious as possible.

Here are a few tips that you can follow:

1. Use Scented Candles

Once you have checked-in your hotel, lit some scented candles in your living room. Scented candles offer nice smell and make the environment more soothing and relaxing. Pick some candles with your favourite scents and you are sure to have a warm and cosy feel in your hotel room.

2. Carry Luxury Toiletries

Many hotels in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai do stock up luxury toiletries, however, it is always better if you can carry your own. If you don’t want to burden your travel bag – just carry small packets or sachets.

There’s always work to be done at home or things to tidy. But when you’re in a hotel you have nothing to do but relax. Having your favourite toiletries in hand will help you have a miniature pamper session while you enjoy your stay at your hotel.

3. Snacks and Drinks

Even budget hotels in Andheri East and other parts Mumbai have a room service menu for all guests. However, stocking up on your favourite snacks and drinks before you arrive will help you enjoy an appetizing treat, at your own leisure.

If you are travelling with kids, buy some chocolate and mints to pop on. It’s a totally unnecessary luxury that all kids love.

4. Download Movies

Your favourite luxury hotel near Mumbai airport may not have an enormous TV with surround sound and on-demand movies but that shouldn’t stop you from watching the latest blockbuster from the comfort of your bed.

Just download a few movies on your mobile or laptop before you visit the hotel – and keep yourself entertained in the best relaxing environment.

However, do not forget to charge your devices. Some hotels might not have enough outlets, so consider bringing your own portable charger with multiple plugs and USB ports.

5. Maintain Cleanliness

Although all luxury hotels in Mumbai maintain cleanliness and hygiene 24/7 – it’s your duty as well to maintain the same. It will not only make your stay simple and comfortable but will also give you the desired peace of mind.

You might not spend much time in your hotel, however its always good to have a relaxing space and chill out for a few hours.